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Buying and Selling of Industrial Machinery

Buying and Selling of Industrial Machinery

Geysehn INDUSTRIAL TRANSFERS Buying and Selling of Industrial Machinery gives its first steps within the Machinery Resale sector in 2007, as a natural consequence of the STRONG TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE acquired along almost 25 years of working the maintenance and engineering of industrial machines.

Our challenge, in a world such as the one of Machinery Resale where the credibility of professionals is often questioned, is to be able to offer an added value to each one of our buying/selling operations. An ADDED VALUE that translates into the professionalism and honesty of all the members of our staff, and the warranty of reliability of all the machines and equipment with which we work

What makes us special is that we not only sell machines, but we also can disassemble them, repair/refurbish them both mechanically and electronically, load/ unload them, transport them, reassemble them, and test them for proper functioning. In sum, we offer a TURN KEY service that will avoid you hassles and will ensure the correct operation of the machinery that you have purchased

We are present in various sectors, out of which we can highlight the following: automotive, iron and steel, plastics, energy, tools, consumer goods, paper, textile, electrics-electronics, construction, etc. Many of our clients are very important and prestigious multinationals from each sector.

Our Speciality

Geysehn INDUSTRIAL TRANSFERS Buying and Selling of Industrial Machinery counts with the technical support of Geysehn INDUSTRIAL TRANSFERS SL, which is dedicated to the provision of technical services for the industry, and has around 50 workers specialized in industrial maintenance and machinery engineering. Therefore, our specialty is focused in each one of the machines or production lines that compound the industrial plants of the above-mentioned sectors.

WE STAND OUT in sheet metal machinery, especially in presses: mechanical, hydraulic, friction, forging, transfer,

If you desire additional information, if you want to buy or sale machines, production lines, or complete industrial plants, or if you simply need some technical advice please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Thanks for your visit and for the time you have used learning about us

GEYSEHN INDUSTRIAL TRANSFERS Buying and Selling of Industrial Machinery


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