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Machines for Sale

Turning Machines (Lathes)
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Buying Industrial Machinery

Buying Industrial Machinery

Buying Methods

If you are interested on purchasing one of our machines, please le tus know your prefered buying method:

1.- EX WORK : Buying the machine as it is and where it is, without elevation and transport services.

2.- ON TRUCK : Buying the machine loaded on the truck (transport service is excluded)..

3.- IN FACTORY : The purchase includes transportation to your facilities (unloading service excluded)..

4.- SET UP : This formula includes the installation of the machine (including operation test) in your facilities.

5.- PLUS : The purchase includes installation and:

  • Reconstruction works
  • Revamp
  • Safety adaptation
  • Optimization according to your production needs


GEYSEHN Buying and Selling of Industrial Machinery


Selection of Industrial Machinery GEYSEHN SL

Please, select the desired machine type from the following menu:

Turning Machines (Lathes) Threading Machines
Milling Machines EDM Machines
Grinding Machines CNC Machinery
Honing Machines Wood Working Machines
Boring Machines Compressors
Gear Machines Plastic-Die Casting Machines
Presses Centrifuges
Guillotines / Folding Machines Cepilladoras
Testing Machines Washing Devices / Dust Collectors
Measuring Machines Furnaces
Checking Machines Electronic Machinery
Transfer Machines Other Machines


If you want, you can check our comprehensive catalog of available INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY

GEYSEHN S.L. Buying and Selling of Industrial Machinery

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